Whatever your needs, Void Security will be able to meet them

How can we help?

Whatever your needs, Void Security will be able to meet them. Our staff is dynamic in its work, from troubleshooting to disaster recovery, project management to infrastructure design and implementation.
We are more than just a software company
Our team of technicians excels in providing knowledgeable, comprehensive server administration, allowing you to concentrate on your business without worrying about the technology on which it relies. Choose Void Security, and put your business in safe hands.
Why do I need monitoring?
When your servers are down, your company and it’s credibility is at risk. Your online presence, regardless of what industry you are in, is incredibly important these days because that is how your customers find you.
Why do I need checks every 60 seconds?
We support a range of different check types for all of the common services that we support. At the most basic, we are checking to see if a service on a given port is listening for connections - this is referred to as a "port check" in the control panel.

Ion Popescu website.com
I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for everything you have helped us with over the last few years.
Ion Popescu website.com
Void Security moved my sites with huge vBulletin forums on them. Our members did not even noticed, except that suddenly the web site flies! There was no downtime, which was totally amazing to me, as our forums are quite busy (over 15,000 members).

  • Our remote administration services are personal enough to give each of our clients the attention they need, and flexible enough to handle the requirements of large organizations and enterprise systems.
  • We take pride in our technical knowledge and professional experience with operations of all sizes. We value the relationships we've established with our customers and the trust our long-term clients have given us in response to our attention to detail, particularly concerning security.
  • All our work is guaranteed. By choosing Void security for your remote admin needs, you know you're choosing quality.
As a Webmaster, your highest priorities include maintaining your site's content, growing your traffic and evolving your site to keep your visitors active and engaged.
As server administrators, our highest priorities include ensuring your server is secure.
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Adult Webmasters
Lack of expertise or time may pre vent you from concentrating on your server health, and this is where Void Security can be a critical part of your success. We handle monitoring, updates and security so you can manage your business with confidence!
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Ecommerce Sites
An eCommerce site going down is like a retail business arbitrarily closing its doors in the middle of the day.
It's like a dentist stopping halfway through a root canal for a few hours, your trash collector skipping your house
for a week.
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vBulletin Forums
Your online community is growing, and your visitors are starting to experience issues you've never
witnessed before.
Maybe you've amassed a sizable moderating staff and you're beginning to worry about system abuse.
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